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Connected weighing system

This new connected weighing system designed by FAUN gives you access to accurate data for better collection management.

Sensors installed on the structure between the vehicle chassis and the box allow the waste to be weighed throughout the collection process.

Connected weighing system

A simple and clear overview of all data

 All data is shown on the display of the FAUN console

  • The gross vehicle weight (GVW) in kg with an indication in % of the maximum
  • The load on the rear axles of the vehicle with the indication in % in relation to the maximum
  • The load on the front axle of the vehicle with the indication in % in relation to the minimum and maximum
  • The tare weight control of the weighing system
  • The total weight of the vehicle being collected
  • The mass of waste collected in real time in kg and as a % of the maximum payload
Console Faun Data Services
  1.  Total Weight in Charge​
  2.  Mass of waste collected
  3.  Rear axle load
  4.  Percentage of load in relation to the minimum and maximum allowed on the front axle
  5.  Tare weight control
  6.  Customise the permanent weighing display on the main collection menu

A complete system with unrivalled performance

  • System integrated in the FAUN control panel (no additional panel in the cabin)
  • Load capacity per load cell 15 tons 
  • Accuracy of measurement between 4 and 5 % on the payload


  • Wiring optimization
  • Digital filtering
  • Integrated inclinometer in each load cell
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