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The connected maintenance system created by FAUN

Ensure that your RCVs receive FAUN maintenance at all times!

FAUN’s technical assistance is connected to the automatic system installed in your vehicle to assist you at all times:

  • Setting the parameters of the RCV operation
  • Evaluation of the RCV’s error history
  • Diagnostic assistance in the event of a problem, including during collection
  • Adding additional functionalities to your RCV (IT option)
  • Reading of installed program versions
  • Updating of the RCV’s programs
  • Follow-up of the operating counters

Experts at your service, for faster and more mobile interventions.

Personalize and optimize the life of your RCVs

By connecting to the FAUN platform, you can monitor the maintenance of all your RCVs through a personalized calendar:

  • Preventive maintenance to update the FAUN manufacturer’s schedule according to the actual use of your RCVs
  • Manual creation of personalized events (mine clearance, etc.)
  • Automatic management of periodic general inspections (VGP)
  • Follow-up of past or current events for each equipment in the form of a logbook

Access to the FAUN platform, for a personalised maintenance follow-up

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