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Compaction potential 6 times higher

  • The RCV with cutting-edge technology
  • Optimisation of collections thanks to high compaction
  • Reduced collection time and time to unload
  • Payload considered the best among the refuse collection vehicles
  • Excellent distribution of the collection on the axles which increases the safety of the routes, even in difficult terrain
  • High compaction allows the use of a shorter wheelbase chassis for better manoeuvrability
  • Robustness and reliability of parts tested under extreme conditions

Ecology and energy performance

The FAUN Control System (SCF)

FAUN has designed the SCF for accurate diagnosis.

  • Quick recovery and repairs
  • Reduced downtime
  • An optional remote maintenance system allows the functionality of the grab to be viewed via GSM and updates to be downloaded.


Each time the vehicle brakes, kinetic energy is recovered to operate the tipper "free of charge".

  • 14% fuel savings
  • Reduction of up to 7.9 t of CO2/year
  • Significant gain in noise comfort
  • The compactions are carried out while driving without loss of energy and at standstill without accelerated idling

the commercial

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